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Every month David selects a different cigar that he loves and he hopes you'll enjoy.


Deadwood tobacco co. Crazy alice

  1. Every month we select a different cigar that we love and we hope you'll enjoy. We hope you enjoy the cigar as much as we do.

crazy alice

Boasting the unique figurado shape of Drew Estate’s “Nasty”, Deadwood Crazy Alice is a crazy good-looking premium cigar! A Nicaraguan puro, Crazy Alice is medium to full body in strength and oozing with scrumptious flavors of chocolate, dark roast coffee, earth, dried fruit, and hints of pepper. Smooth and savory from start to finish, Drew Estate’s Crazy Alice is a handmade Nicaraguan gem.

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Come in and relax in our Premium Cigar Lounge. Take in the game on our large HD TV. " When you smoke at Valley Tobacco, you're smoking among friends "  FREE Coffee with the purchase of any premium cigar. The cigar lounge is reserved for our paying premium cigar customers only!

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Oliva Serie 'V' Melanio will have you at hello, thanks to gorgeous Ecuadorian-grown Sumatra leaf that's dark, thick, oily, and seamless in appearance. Beneath this leaf, a flavorful blend of long-leaf ligeros from Nicaragua unites, including the Oliva's oldest, most prized leaves from Condega and Esteli, along with some extra tobaccos from Jalapa for more flavor and aroma. Each Melanio is full-bodied and full-flavored, with unique nuances such as black pepper, freshly-baked bread, and unsweetened cocoa. You might also notice some toast and lightly creamed coffee. Either way, you're in for a delicious treat from one of the most celebrated cigar-making families in Nicaragua, let alone the industry.

Great news, the Serie 'V' Melanio was honored as the #1 Cigar of 2014 and earned an impressive 96-point rating, which noted: "has rich, big notes of leather framed by a range of coffee, caramel and woody intonations."


At Valley Tobacco we will always bring in the best of  the newest cigars and carry your classic favorites.


20 years and they just won’t stop.

20 years ago, a little cigar called ACID hit the market. If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll fill you in- It’s an absolutely delectable stick imbued with herbs, botanicals, and essential oils, with the recipe and infusion process one of the most closely-guarded secrets in the world of cigars. No one had seen anything like it and no one has been able to successfully copy them to this day, and there are tons of ACID blends to fit any palate. The ACID 20 is the latest addition to this impressive and unique portfolio, and it’s the best ACID released since the omnipresent Kuba Kuba.

Featuring a sweet-tipped Mexican San Andres wrapper over an Indonesian binder and Nicaraguan fillers, this 5” x 52 box-pressed beauty is a blend truly deserving of this milestone release. The medium-bodied profile is the perfect expression of all that Drew Estate has learned from slingin’ ACIDs for 20 years. There’s nothing on the market quite like ACID, and no ACID like the 20, so make sure you grab enough to last you until their 40th anniversary release!


Sesenta Cafe Con Leche are delicious flavor infused premium cigars from the popular Coffee Break by Tatiana series. Boasting a fusion of creamy smooth Dominican tobacco flavors with bold Cuban espresso, milk, and some light vanilla notes on the palate, this cigar is a gourmet coffee lover’s dream presented in a short, stout 4 x60-ring vitola.

macanudo m bourbon

M Bourbon

The flavored cigar portfolio for Macanudo has expanded with a multi-dimensional new twist on a classic cocktail. M Bourbon by Macanudo harnesses the rich bourbon-flavors of the iconic Old Fashioned cocktail, with sweet, oaky notes, nuances of cherry and a hint of earthy, aromatic bitters.

This is indeed a cigar that brings forth a multitude of taste sensations, and is an ideal indulgence for the cigar lover who seeks a unique departure from the everyday smoke. M Bourbon by Macanudo will be a full-time addition to the Macanudo portfolio.


Each one of Lars Tetens cigars has a unique flavor and size, each made with the same quality and consistency, no one being alike. Little is disclosed about the blend or the process, a secret; a step to eliminate knockoffs. What we do know is the cigars are made in Esteli, Nicaragua at the J. Fuego Cigar Factory by Jesus Fuego and under the control of Alec Bradley Cigar Company.



General Cigar has announced a first its super-premium Cohiba brand–the first Cohiba to be wrapped in a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

The new Cohiba Connecticut will feature a complex blend of Brazilian Mata Fina and Dominican Piloto Cubano, Nicaraguan Jalapa to enhance the cigar’s overall strength; and Dominican Olor for added depth. The cigar’s Mexican San Andrean binder complements the filler leaves and delivers optimal combustibility.

“Our agronomists partnered with an independent grower in Ecuador’s Los Rios province to produce a silky and lustrous Ecuadoran Connecticut Shade wrapper,” commented Sean Williams, Cohiba’s brand ambassador. “Unlike cloth-covered fields that shield the tobacco from the blistering sun in Connecticut, this special wrapper is grown beside Ecuador’s Vinces River and beneath the thick, natural cloud cover that blankets the region. The volcanic soil yielded a wrapper that was intentionally developed for its aesthetic qualities, with veins that are barely perceptible. Looks aside, the wrapper is ideal for blending, as it maximizes the filler and binder leaves.”

Macanudo Inspirado Palladium

Macanudo Inspirado Palladium is a complex five-country blend that harnesses the time-honored tercio aging technique to deliver a truly exquisite smoking experience.

The tercio process is an old Cuban method rarely used today due to the considerable time and labor required to build the bales and wrap them in the bark of the majestic Royal Palm tree. Only a small group of artisans at Macanudo are skilled in the tercio process which envelopes the tobacco bales in palm bark instead of burlap. The bark forms a tighter seal, trapping in moisture and retaining the tobacco’s natural taste characteristics. This unique process also helps to deliver an enhanced flavor, a pleasing aroma and consistent burn.

Due to the complexity and considerable time associated with tercio aging Inspirado Palladium has limited availability.


Be the first to try this amazing cigar. It was just introduced at this year's Cigar Show.


There’s a new CAO line shipping to retailers next week, and unlike most CAO cigars, it’s made in the Dominican Republic, rather than Central America. Dubbed CAO Session, the new line is a collaboration between brand ambassador and blender Rick Rodriguez and Yuri Guillen, factory manager of General Cigar Dominicana.

Shipping to retailers on July 2, CAO Session is composed of a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, Dominican binder and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. It’s packaged in 20-count boxes and comes in three sizes: Garage (5 1/4 inches by 54 ring gauge, Bar (6 by 49) and Shop (6 by 60, )

Although Rodriguez and Guillen worked together in the Dominican Republic 15 years ago, Rodriguez eventually went to Estelí, Nicaragua, to oversee the CAO brand while Guillen remained in the Dominican Republic. According to General, CAO Session marks a reunion of sorts, and is also the first CAO to be made in the Dominican Republic in more than 10 years.



An Idea Is Born

Cigarmaker A.J. Fernandez can now add the Trinidad brand to his list of classic Cuban cigars that he’s reblended for the American market.

Made entirely from Nicaraguan tobacco, the upcoming Trinidad Espiritu is a collaboration between Fernandez and Rafael Nodal, head of product capability for Tabacalera USA. It marks the first time that Fernandez has ever worked with the Trinidad brand, but the second time for Nodal. (Astute smokers will recall the Trinidad Santiago brand, made in the Dominican Republic by José “Jochy” Blanco.)

The Nodal-Fernandez team has worked together before, most notably on brands such as Montecristo Nicaragua and Romeo San Andrés by Romeo y Julieta.

“The Trinidad Espiritu is a continuation of the work that A.J. Fernandez and I have been doing for a few years,” says Nodal. “We are reimagining the blends of legendary brands and creating new flavor profiles.”


Trinidad is one of the oldest cigar brands in the world. With Espíritu, it pays homage to the “Spirit” of its Cuban roots and celebrates the tradition of the cigar lifestyle. While the look may call back to vintage Cuban travel, the cigar is crafted to appeal to the modern connoisseur. The blend features a symphony of complex 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos, using a unique fermentation process under the careful watch of AJ Fernandez.

Experience the soul of Trinidad Espíritu!





San Lotano is one of A.J. Fernandez’s first cigar brands and was named after his San Lotano farm in Nicaragua. It comes in a number of varieties, including the Habano and Maduro core lines, the contoured San Lotano Oval, San Lotano Requiem Maduro and San Lotano The Bull.

The San Lotano Dominicano represents the first time that Fernandez has collaborated with a third-party company to make a San Lotano brand. It’s also the first time that San Lotano has been made outside of his Nicaraguan factory. A secondary band reads: “AJ & Jochy” to remind smokers of their collaborative efforts



This dark, well-made robusto leaves clear impressions of leather and earth on the palate along with touches of cinnamon, chocolate and stone fruits. The finish hints of licorice. 





The smoke of the Alec Bradley Magic Toast Robusto started with a mix of coffee, earth, and a combination of red and white pepper. It didn’t take long for the coffee and earth notes to move into....

A Star Is Born!

Alec Bradley Magic Toast got its name on a night forever etched in my memory. That’s the night, I saw for myself, by flashlight, a crop that was beyond belief. Tobaccos I knew we would find a

special project for. Under the stars, we cracked open a bottle of very special whisky and proposed a toast to our future. Magic Toast was born that evening. Along with a ritual. Toast the end of this

cigar. Celebrate its beginning. And enjoy the magic!

My Father Cigars La Gran Oferta

The name of this latest creation from the My Father Cigars factory in Estelí translates to “the great offering,” and it is. Taking both its artwork and name from a defunct Cuban brand that dates to 1913, the band, box and Ecuadoran Habano rosado oscuro–wrapped cigars inside are all equally stunning. Eye-catching packaging can only go so far, however. This cigar, with its medium-full, chocolate-laced flavor mingled with sweet cherries and a dusting of curry, makes us wonder what the original Havana brand must have been like. Certainly not as elegantly rich as this.

H. Upmann Connecticut by Grupo de Maestros

H. Upmann Connecticut by Grupo de Maestros cigars are covered in a refined Connecticut-seed wrapper, with each head topped by dark maduro caps that make each of these distinct cigars bolder and deeper than most traditional Connecticut releases.

Under the cigar’s uniquely rolled leaf, this collaborative Upmann features a prime Dominican binder with a robust blend of luscious filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua — including a layer of specially cultivated Pilotico tobacco for an extra hint of incomparably-rich complexity.

A blond cigar topped with a maduro cap. Light spices and tangy notes of orange peel become sweeter with vanilla and graham cracker.


*Cigar Aficionado Cigar Insider June 25, 2019  


only available at our Salem location!

Austintown available at your request.


 Brick House Robusto – “The draw of this cigar is nearly effortless. Tea and sweet wood notes come together very nicely here, leaving a toasty aftertaste.”

 – Cigar Aficionado 

Brick House Churchill – “A very handsome cigar, dressed in a richly colored, oily wrapper. It draws and burns evenly, delivering a smoke that is nutty with sweet fruit notes.” – Cigar Aficionado



Cigar Aficionado  93 rating



Every puff of this dark cigar gives the sensation of biting into a piece of chocolate fudge, studded with nuts, espresso beans and toasted coconut. Hints of caramel and earth make this smoke a sublimely rich experience

*Cigar Aficionado May 2019

An Idea is born!

The devil is in the details, so Master Blender AJ Fernandez has left nothing to chance with this tempting four-country blend. Befitting of its diabolical name, Punch Diablo is made with a blend of four-year-aged Nicaraguan and Honduran Habano leaves and is wrapped in a deep, oscuro Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper, also aged four years. A bold Connecticut Broadleaf binder that’s been aged for six years seals the deal to deliver a sinfully indulgent smoke that’s spicy, intriguing and destined to leave you spellbound.

OPUS X Perfecxion 888

The pinnacle of cigar making, the Arturo Fuente Opus X Perfecxion 888 is an ultra-premium Dominican puro that is the apple of many aficionado's eye. Featuring only the finest tobacco the Dominican Republic has to offer, this luxurious medium to full-bodied figurado is extremely rare, and best saved for special occasion.

The Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva

The Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva®

series is the flagship of the esteemed Arturo Fuente® brand. Representing four generations of family tradition, every Arturo Fuente® cigar carries the personal family touch that makes it one of the world’s finest. Only the highest quality vintage tobaccos and hand workmanship go into Arturo Fuente cigars, resulting in a blend of art and craftsmanship.


Nica Rustica is a medium to full strength cigar that is blended to showcase native Nicaraguan tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa. Aficionados will enjoy this rustic smoke that is robust and deeply satisfying. Genuine Connecticut Broadleaf encases Nica Rustica and imparts a subtle natural tobacco sweetness and spice.

Additional Info:

This is a medium to full bodied smoke – it is blended to be rustic – un-polished, un-refined, for hard core tobacco lovers.

Con Orgullo (with pride) is embedded deep within the people and the culture of Esteli, Nicaragua. Estelianos have embraced the image of “El Brujito” as a sign of pride and display it though-out their city in iron works, graffiti and sculpture. Carved into stone over 6,000 years ago by a flourishing Pre-Columbian civilization, “El Brujito” literally means “Witch Doctor” or to the locals “the Shaman”. Early Shamanic practices included the use of tobacco in ceremonial and medicinal rituals.


This cigar is one of our top selling flavored cigars!

The Havana Honeys brand is one of the original flavored premium cigars on the market. Each artfully crafted cigar is flavored with bold blends of Dominican and Italian tobaccos and finished with a natural leaf wrapper and binder from tobacco cultivated on the islands of Indonesia. These affordable premium cigars and cigarillos deliver Cuban-inspired quality in a variety of sweet flavors. Flavors include rum, sweet honey and vanilla.


Java cigars are a combined effort from two leaders in the industry.

Introduced in 2004, and released in the 1st quarter of 2005, Java cigars are an exceptionally unique handmade from two of today's hardest working cigar makers: Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate and Rocky Patel. Quite a one-two combo, to say the least, and boy does this cigar pack a punch, not in strength, but in flavor. Java is a subtly sweet Nicaraguan that features a dark, oily maduro wrapper stretched across an aged blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers. While aging, these cigars have been slowly infused with the delicious flavor of gourmet mocha, morphing a traditional Nicaraguan cigar into an incredibly rich cigar that burns smooth from start to finish, leaving an extremely pleasant aroma in its wake.

What's this 'Latte' all about, you ask? The Java Latte employs a silky-smooth Connecticut Ecuador wrapper rather than the standard Connecticut Broadleaf. The result is a mellow and creamy sensation with all that Java awesomeness you've come to love.


The Papas Fritas is part of Drew Estate’s Liga Privada Unico Serie, which features unique blends within the Liga Privada brand family. The Papas Fritas utilizes a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, Brazilian Mata Fina binder, and Nicaraguan and Honduran filler tobaccos. The small 4.5” x 44 cigar sports Drew Estate’s signature fantail and is the perfect choice for cigar smokers who are looking for a short escape.

     Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art

This cigar features a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos finished with a gorgeous, dark, and oily Honduran Corojo wrapper. Like its wildly popular cousin, Lost Art boasts immaculate construction, a slow burn, and an effortless draw that your customers will savor. Medium to full body in strength, these decadent luxury smokes are brimming with oak, espresso, buttery leather, and dark tobacco flavors highlighted with a creamy finish and a sweet, musky room note. Prensado Lost Art is yet another top-notch Alec Bradley creation that is destined for greatness.

                Cohiba Nicaragua

Cohiba Nicaragua is the brand’s first cigar to be blended and handcrafted in Nicaragua. A luxurious expression of the flavor and complexity of Nicaraguan tobacco, Cohiba Nicaragua is made with the finest hand-selected leaves from Estelí and Jalapa, and crowned with a lustrous Colorado oscuro wrapper. Cohiba Nicaragua ushers in an entirely new dimension of taste to the Cohiba portfolio.

Due to contractual requirements OPUS X are not included in the cigar sale. OPUS X cigars are only available at our Valley Tobacco location. Thank you!



Perla del Mar features special, hand-selected, aged binder and long filler tobaccos from four distinct regions in the lush mountains of Nicaragua: Pueblo Nuevo, La Reina, Condega, and Jalapa. This unique blend is combined with a smooth, creamy Ecuadorian Shade or hardy Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper to provide a complex, but balanced, taste. Lastly, Perla del Mar cigars are box pressed to help the natural flavors of its unique tobaccos to marry together and deliver an extremely satisfying smoke. 


Using the same unique blend as Perla del Mar Classic, wrapped in a genuine Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Perla del Mar Maduro offers a robust, dark chocolate twist on the creamy and smooth original.

Isla del Sol Sun Grown

Wrapped in a sun-blessed Sumatran wrapper, this is a tripa mezcaldo blend of Nicaraguan leaf infused with a mix of exotic Sumatra Mandheling bean coffee. Handmade with a sugared tip, its smoke is deliciously flavorful and smooth with an aroma that is sure to please all in the room. The Isla del Sol is an affordably priced cigar with exceptional flavor.


Trader Jack’s Cigars offer the same quality construction and flavor as all Tampa-made cigars but with a Caribbean twist. Each cigar is spiked with a little aromatic island spice before it’s packed away. The final touch adds a unique taste to the cigar that has the ability to transport anyone to a Caribbean state of mind.






In just a few short years, Quorum Nicaraguan Handmades have become the No. 1 selling imported handmade bundle cigar in the world. The Newman’s dedication to quality has been materialized in these smooth, medium-bodied cigars available at a price accessible to even the most discriminating of wallets.

Quorum cigars are handmade in Nicaragua, a country known for rich soil producing some of the world’s

heartiest, full-bodied tobacco. Available in three varieties, Classic, Shade and Maduro. These cigars contain binders and wrappers that make each blend unique.

Quorum bundles are keystone plus profit and proven sellers, meaning more money for your pocket at the end of the day. Truly an international brand, Quorum cigars are recognized worldwide for their handmade quality at a machine made price.


Factory Throwouts are a true, unchanged American classic. Every cigar is made in the original Cigar City – Tampa, FL – on the same machines that were used in the iconic boom eras of the 1930’s and 40’s. A high value line, these cigars are proven sellers.

All Factory Throwouts are priced to sell thanks to the slightly discolored tobacco from expensive Ecuadorian sungrown imports, bought at a cheaper rate by J.C. Newman, and passed onto the consumer. Cellophane packaging eliminates the cost of boxes and labels, providing even more savings. Further raising their

value, Factory Throwouts can be sold by the bundle or as singles; allowing you to reach the most discriminating of wallets.

With a smooth Ecuador Sungrown wrapper filled with 100% pure Dominican tobaccos, Factory Throwouts come in 3 sizes; No. 49, No. 59 and No. 99. No. 59’s are available in original sungrown, sweet or claro for that extra hint of taste. A size for the record books, the No. 99 is the LARGEST machine made cigar in the U.S. at a whopping 7 1/4” x 52. To celebrate the birth of a baby boy or girl, we have developed special “It’s a Boy/Girl” bundles that feature pink or blue graphic cellophane.

Cigar Size Information 

Is the size of a cigar important to the taste and aroma?

Yes, the same cigar blends in different sizes will taste different if there’s a big difference in ring size and length. This is because a big ring gauge, say 50 or 52, produces an immense volume of smoke compared to a 28, 36 or even a 42 ring. Larger ring gauges allow for more filler tobacco which gives a cigar more complexity and allows the cigar to burn slower and cooler. Naturally, this strongly influences taste and aroma. To fairly compare two different blends, you should taste test cigars of the same size.

To a lesser extent, length also influences taste. Besides, if you start with a 7 inch cigar when you’re used to one 5 1/2 inches long, it’ll become 5 1/2 inches long soon anyway – although, believe it or not, the 7 inch cigar at 5 1/2 inches will taste a little different than the one that starts at 5 1/2 inches.

If a manufacturer excels at making a great cigar 42 ring x 6 1/2 inches, it does not necessarily follow that the same brand in other sizes will be as good or as consistent. You’ll have to try a box of each. If you’re not accustomed to smoking a certain size that you might be curious about, maybe you should enlist the cooperation of a friend who smokes that size regularly.

Buying Your First Cigar

With so many choices and a whole new vocabulary, you might not even know where to start. If that sounds like you, try following this brief guide to buying cigars for beginners.

It won't teach you everything, but hopefully it will make your first foray into cigar buying a success.

1. Stick to Valley Tobacco

Buying from a Valley Tobacco has many advantages. You'll have a large selection of quality cigars to choose from. Plus, you can count on the fact that those cigars have been well cared for.

What's more, you'll have excellent guidance. The knowledgeable staff can help you pick out the right cigar and share some cigar tips for beginners. If you really want to learn about cigars, at Valley Tobacco is the perfect classroom.

2. Purchase a few at a time.

When you're just starting with cigars, you won't know what you like, and your preferences will change quickly. That's why it's smart to only buy a few at a time. you'll be able to experiment with a bunch of different cigars, and even more importantly, you won't be stuck with a lot of cigars that you don't enjoy.

3. Start on the mild side.

For a newcomer, full-bodied smokes can be overwhelming and potentially even unpleasant. So one of the most common cigar tips for beginners is to choose mild cigars. They'll ease you into cigar smoking and ensure that you're not turned off at the very beginning.

4. Don't break the bank

As a Valley Tobacco buying tip, you usually get what you pay for. But as a newcomer, there's no need to spend a fortune. You can get a quality cigar for under $10, and at your level, you don't need to light up anything too fancy. Stick to moderately priced cigars at first, and once your palate develops, then you can treat yourself to that extravagant smoke.

Cigar and Beer Matching

It's a good time to be a beer drinker.

And with a growing interest in craft beer has come a growing interest in cigar and beer pairings.

How to choose a cigar that matches your favorite beer is like all things concerning flavor: subjective. Some might swear by one pairing. Others might not fancy it at all. it's about experimenting with different combinations of flavors and finding ones that suit your taste. And that's part of the fun of it.

However, when it comes to cigar and beer pairings, there is one rule that you hear again and again: try to match the type of cigar with the type of beer. That means milder cigars with lighter beers and full-bodied smokes with heavier beers. This helps avoid one half of the pairing overwhelming the other.

You can also try to create cigar and beer pairings around common flavors. For example, a stout with hints of chocolate and espresso could meet its match in a cigar with similar flavors.


Cigar Accessories


The ACID smoking experience is like no other. Each blend holds new explorations in tobacco curing and blending that are the closest guarded secrets in the industry. For the past 10 years, legions of you have sought out ACID cigars in the far corners of the world to satisfy your craving for something truly one-of-a-kind, unique and inspiring.

Premium Cigars










The vintage Cellar Reserve uses the finest quality 15-year-old aged tobacco, comprised of an oily Criollo 1998 wrapper, that combines an aged Dominican, olor binder with a 15-year old Dominican Filler. Housed in unique wooden boxes that aesthetically evoke a maturing wine barrel, the Cellar Reserve is a delicious medium to full-bodied cigar that is full of flavor and complexity. Rated 97, Top 10 Cigar of the Year.


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